Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sand Geyser - Wierd Natural Phenomenon ?

This phenomenon appeared in the Al-Ahsae city, Eastern Saudi Arabia (2008). Weird phenomenon with the height of spurt up to 9 meters. There are many opinions about this phenomenon, many opinion say that this happen because of a gas leak. Then lift up the sand with a powerful spurt, like fountain dance. This opinion was taken because the location of this phenomenon near by the oil refinery, as we can see in the video below. 

As usual, a phenomenon which appeared in the world caused pros and cons. Many people argue and share their opinion. The video above said that Armaco geological teams and scientist hurry to deal with this strange phenomenon. But the result is they do not succeed in explaining what happened. And this still become mystery. 

In general, this phenomenon is a result of an earthquake tremor, sand fountain is the true name of the rare occurance. Sand volcanoes or sand blows form during large earthquakes. The shaking makes shallow soil layers slump down upon water-saturated sand beds below, but because water does not compress, the material seeks an outlet wherever a fracture forms above it. Finer sediments don't have enough water and don't let the water out fast enough to form sand blows. Sand blows can be several meters across and tens of centimeters thick.

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