Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 Real Life Fairytale Islands

The approximate definition of a real life fairytale island would be that it is small island often covered with lush vegetation, from which emerges a magnificent ancient buildingWhen people say that a place is like something from a fairy tale often they are exaggerating, but that is not the case with these charming islands listed below.

1. Bled Island, Slovenia

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

12 Fascinating Gorges Around the World

Gorges, also known as canyons, are deep ravines found between cliffs. They are formed from the landscape after being carved by rivers which naturally reach a baseline elevation, creating these stunning natural visuals in the process. Gorges are much more common in arid areas than in wet areas because physical weathering has a greater effect in arid zones. The word "canyon" has a Spanish origin with many being found in the United States while Europeans prefer to use the term "gorge".

1. Takachiho Gorge, Japan

Saturday, April 6, 2013

11 of the Most Unusual Elevators

Elevators have a simple task: take passengers from one floor to another safely. But it doesn't mean that they have to be boring. Elevator towers for urban transport and modern design elevators attract great attention of tourists, because of its uniqueness, unusual looks and the driving experience. Let's have a closer look at the most unusual elevators around the world.

1. AquaDom, Germany
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