Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Unusually Shaped Islands Worldwide

Some of the natural islands, when viewed from the air, have a very strange shape and remind us of some things we've already seen it somewhere. This is our list of 10 unusually shaped islands from around the World, enjoy the post.

1. Dolphin, Iran
photo source
The dolphin shaped Qeshm Island, by far the largest of all islands in this part of middle east ( with more than 75000 inhabitants and more than twice the size of Bahrain or Singapore), is situated about 22 km (13,7 mi) far from Bandar Abbas at the entrance of the Azure waters of Persian Gulf in the strait of Hormoze. It occupies an area of 1500sq km (580 mi). From the Geology point of view, Qeshm Island is on the wrinkled region containing the Zagros mountain range most of whose hills and heights are of the calcareous type with sharp cuts.

2. Heart, Croatia
photo source
Charming heart-shaped island is in Zadarska Kanal (Adriatic Sea) and measures about 110,000 sq m (only 0,04 sq mi). Its form has attracted public attention after he was put in the spotlight by Google Earth.

3. Letter G, Maldives
photo source
This photo is taken from plane. Amazing lagoon within the center of the island reed. The island is located in Sh. Atoll. Island name is Eriyadhoo.

4. Lungs, USA
photo source
These "lungs" are from Florida. This terrific island appears along with bronchi. Look carefully, the island also has a tennis court in the middle. Island look like green lungs is swimming on a sea.

5. Smiley, Malaysia
photo source
Three of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park, offshore Kota Kinabalu. ManukanMamutik and Sulug islands. Top left: Mamutik. Top right: Sulug. And the big smile: Manukan.

6. Boomerang, South China Sea
photo source
A boomerang shaped island that belong to the Spratly group of islands. Taken from 32,000 ft (9,6 km) over the South China Sea. The island or atoll change its shape depending on the season, and to the direction of the current.

7. Eye, Maldives
photo source
This beautiful island totally shaped as a human’s eye. It is located near the paradise on earth that is famous place of Maldvies.

8. Spermatozoon
photo source
Can you imagine a spermatozoon shaped island is swimming in a big sea? This island is swimming in the blue sea between Europe and Japan.

9. Seahorse, Ecuador
photo source
Isabela, the largest of the Galápagos Islands; Fernandina; San Salvador, are apparent in this southwest-looking, low-oblique photograph. Located on the equator 600 miles (1000 kilometers) west of Ecuador. Sea-horse-shaped Isabela Island covers 1771 sq mi (4588 sq km) and has five active volcanoes. Fernandina Island, west-southwest of Isabela, covers 248 square miles (642 square kilometers) and has a single large active volcano with a very distinct caldera that is sometimes filled with water. 

10. Carrot, Maldives
photo source
Also, amazing island shaped like carrot. The view of this island is quiet wonderful and amazing.
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  1. Wonderful... very interesting stuff! keep on posting

  2. I'm still wondering about that sea between Europe and Japan..

  3. europe and japan? dolphin and whale?


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